Why You Need a Refurbished Stretcher

The benefits of stretchers are very diverse, which is why every day there are more aesthetic and health centers that are updating their furniture to hydraulic stretchers. It is important to note that the many benefits of refurbished hydraulic stretchers are provided with both to the patient and to the medical center where it will be located.

What are the benefits of having a hydraulic stretcher? Next, you will know more about these stretchers, their benefits if you need to decide to buy one.

12 Benefits of Refurbished Hydraulic Stretcher

Among the benefits offered by hydraulic stretchers, you can find:

  • The hydraulic stretcher has a system that helps regulate the height. Using a lever that you can move with your foot, you get the right height to care for your patient.
  • It is not necessary for you to maintain The hydraulic stretchers only require greasing the parts that are mobile.
  • The profitability is superior to any stretcher that exists. If what you are looking for is a stretcher that lasts through the years, a hydraulic stretcher is the one that you should acquire.
  • They are easy to clean. Due to the aesthetic and practical design, with which they were manufactured, they provide comfort both to the patient and the owner of it, when it comes to cleaning them.
  • Its practical wheels allow easy transfer from one room to another.
  • The stretcher has two pedals on each side, to facilitate positioning.
  • The stretcher also has a compartment available to place the patient’s belongings and also a base for the oxygen tank.
  • The hydraulic stretchers have heavy-duty, bumpers and shock absorbers that will help protect the facilities from possible footprints. It is safe for both the patient and the trafficker but above all, it is quite easy to use,and that is why stryker power stretcher.
  • It does not depend on electrical supplies, that is, you will not have problems if the electricity fails.
  • It has many accessories that will help the patient to be much more comfortable.