What Is The Role Of Security Cameras In Offices?

Have you ever wondered why governmental and private organizations and firms have started using CCTV cameras for surveillance? Well, the reason is simple, office surveillance cameras can prevent security breach and reduce monetary losses in a lot of ways.

How Do Office Security Cameras Reduce monetary loss?

Security cameras have reformed work culture all across the world. Businesses that install surveillance cameras surprisingly reap more profit because of the following reasons.

  • Lack of surveillance results in corporate theft that, on an average, causes monetary losses to a great extent. Employees and customers, when watched through security cameras either refrain from stealing or are caught red-handed. In either way, the company doesn’t have to bear the cost of stolen items. And according to surveys, about 75% of people steal from offices. Thus, the loss is greater than you think.
  • Employees spend more time and energy in working than loitering around when they are fully aware of the ramifications of underperformance. And under normal circumstance, when there’s no surveillance, staff becomes productive and active mostly around the appraisal time. But when being monitored, they work with the same activeness all year round. It increases the company’s profit manifolds.
  • Usually, there are 1 in every 4 staff members who, accidentally/purposely, cause serious damage to the company’s assets. And the same is true about customers. The yearly maintenance cost is higher in such cases. But with security cameras around, people become more careful. It drastically reduces the cost of maintenance, saving a lot of money.

How Do Office Security Cameras Increase Safety?

Surveillance cameras in the office premises have made workspace much safer for everyone due to the following reasons.

  • The staff is exposed to much less sexual harassment and abuse since disturbing elements are fully aware that there will be enough proof against them with security cameras around.
  • In rare cases of a brawl between staff members or staff and customers, security cameras play a major role in uncovering the truth. This makes things better for staff as well as visitors and customers.
  • Security cameras have reduced the cases of theft in banks, gas stations, and jewelry stores because burglars try avoiding secured premises to reduce self-risking. Also, even if a burglary happens, it’s mostly during the night when offices are almost empty. This endangers fewer lives.

On a closing note, secure premises always attract customers and investors. Thus, having them installed in your office is a wise decision.