What Can Smart Inventory offer Your Telecom Business?

For businesses within the telecom sector, Lepton Software packages are promoting a unified web-based Telecom Network Inventory Management and Planning Tool known as Smart Inventory. Her capability to integrate customized layers of Map Data with regards to location-based analysis around various parameters. This facilitates users to avail the choices of countless telecom modules like OSP, ISP, Logical, Wi-Max and Microwave one dedicated platform for panning.

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Smart Inventory gathers all infrastructure related data and updates it to assist optimize the general performance in the network. It’s outdoors of vendor or technology, collects all things one framework which makes it easier to update every so often. It’s flexible regarding integration along with other tools for fault recognition and error management thus which makes it a fantastic-round complete tool for your telecom company.

It is a typical platform for Network Professionals to help keep a check mark on their own equipment and services. Concentrating on offering probably most likely probably the most comprehensive visualization from the network assets, Smart Inventory has switched in to a familiar name with leading telecommunication companies. A few of the advantages of deploying Smart Inventory are the following:

Less expensive and time-to-day operations including installation and maintenance

Not a problem discovering the positioning of the fiber break by assistive hearing aid technology physical connected path to a network

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Precisely identify network outage, thus reducing TAT for repair

Identify sections with maximum problems to upgrade infrastructure

Increase automation in updating and reporting functions to improve efficiency

Ensure faster and even more proficient services for your customers

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