The Influences of PCB Assembly Which Affects the Cost

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly has lots of factors and features that determine the regulation of its cost. These factors, however, begin at when the numbers of technological components are being used and there is a direct arrangement of cost. However, there are also indirect factors which also affect and enhance or sum up the cost of the assembly. One of these factors is: the lack of testing the equipment and the lack of manpower training. The lack of assembly design can also affect the manufacturing services resulting to the effect of both positive efficiency impact and negative cost impact. As for the design itself, the materials or the components needs to be chosen and taken care of during the stages of the design manufacturing. Likewise the situation of these segments can have a course on expenses. During the stages of designing the product, especially in eliminating any defect or issues, may affect the regulation of the costs, the point here is to keep the cost under control when the client decides to manufacture the design. However, if the manufacturing process were not to be followed in the right manner it should supposed to be, and then the design and the placement would bring about a huge change in the cost of the product.

Here are overviews of the factors which significantly impacts the cost of the assembly:


The process of assembling the design may use Surface Mount or Through Hole Technology. Occasionally, however, assemblies may require both these technological components to be utilized, adding to the expense.       

Single or Double Sided board

Single sided boards are often cheap or the assembly of the boards would cost less compared to double sided boards which would costs higher.

Number of placements

The design manufacturing expenses can normally increment with the quantity of situations required.

Size of components

Ordinarily lesser parts and thickly chockfull boards to be used for the assembly add to the expenses.

Availability of components

Cost gives impact by the (non)availability of the materials.


Testing needs to be done in order to comply with the assembling process, but also adds up to the expenses.

Processes needed

The assembly needs to have a multitude of processes:

  •         Wave Solder
  •         X-ray
  •         Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

These processes can add up to the expenses.

Flexible or rigid assembly

Naturally the flexibility of the assembly has higher costing than rigid ones.


Coating necessities gives influence to the adding up of the cost. The cost can directly impact the materials used (i.e. the use of spray or paintbrush).


There should be a complete testing to be required before having the Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) is ready to be shipped. This in turn, leads to the impact of the expenses.

Shipping Requirements

Special containers like, electrostatic discharge bags adds up to the cost when shipping.


When delivery is required, chances are costs are likely to increase in proportion.

Here are standard tips to bear in mind in the cost of the assembly:

Search for multiple component sources

Searching for multiple component sources help to identify any low costs of components. This can help clients save time, money, and effort; it also helps to resolve any conflict in the area of enhancement cost.

Ensuring a Design-for-Manufacturing test

This also means enhancing areas such as: Complexity, Number of holes and their size, Via tech, Material, and Layer Count. This also put things into place in any multiple factors during the stages of designing.

Prepare a complete Bill of Materials (BOMs)

Complete BOMs includes many detail in causing the quotation process to take place and also it puts the materials at the exact location.

Order Value and lead time

Expenses are commonly conversely corresponding to arrange esteem and lead time. Arranging great ahead of time with the goal that the client can ask for amounts at one go and also guaranteeing that you have enough lead time that will help in controlling expenses.


Printed Circuit Boards assembly needs to be tested and inspected, even though it adds up to the cost. Manufacturers, however, recommend house inspection to save efficiency and avoiding third party.