Join Our SEO Services Affiliate Program

Our SEO services affiliate program is simple to use, and it’s free and open-source. The visitors to your websites will love it, and they’ll want to learn how it can help them and their businesses. You can make money from your websites while you offer your website visitors a helpful service.

Leverage the traffic that your site gets by offering products and services with our affiliate program. You benefit by getting commissions through providing great products and services to each website visitor. You show them the cutting-edge SEO CMS and e-commerce website builder, and they can start using it right away. You support your website visitors as their own websites do better in search engine results. The visitors will thank you for the boost.

The first step is to get an affiliate account with us. Then select your banner, and place the HTML code you get in your website. When visitors click on the banner on your page, they download the program within 30 days. We show you the statistics of how many people are downloading the program because of you. When the user signs up for our products and services, you start getting money. How much easier could getting money be?

You can also get commissions when our plug-ins sell, too, and more every time another plug-in is sold, you can get commission tier counts, which get you even more money. The plug-ins help merchants get PayPal or payments, and they can also give site visitors live quotes for shipping for FedEx, UPS , or other shipping companies.

When your website visitors create websites with our program and learn how much it can boost their business, they will be more confident about purchasing a subscription to our Internet marketing platform or plug-in extensions from our store. More and more merchants are offering affiliate programs as well, and you can join their networks if you wish when you join our program. We vet our merchants and their products and services to ensure their legitimate. We do our best to ensure that their affiliate programs are operated ethically.

Our SEO services affiliate program offers you multiple opportunities to make even more money from your website. While you offer your own products and services through your website, you can easily make some more money through our affiliate program. Contact us to learn more. We look forward to partnering with you.