How to drive up traffic to your website.

I am so sick and obsessed with this stuff,  I don’t just seem to get better at it, my website is such a total waste of effort, I don’t just understand why readers don’t want to visit my webpage, in short, I am so exhausted……….. If this is your sorry tale,  then it is high time you dust your device and open up that website of yours and get some real stuff working on your webpage if you want that traffic driving towards your website. I must tell you, you are not the first and you won’t be the last struggling to deal with optimizing your website design SEO or webpage on the search engine. So just cool down and apply this new stuff and give a vibe to your website and let it work for you. Very soon, you should have that money rolling into your accounts.

So let’s get started.

Use Meta description.

Have you ever conducted a search on Google or any other popular search engine? ( I guess you must have) Have you ever noticed just below each search results is a bunch of text written underneath the content title? What do you think is the purpose of this? No ideas. The purpose is to give a brief explanation or should I say a description of what the content write-up is all about. This way you don’t get distracted by the keyword title of the website but you get to see what the write up is really all about. If you’ve not started the usage of the meta description,  then you’ve got to give it a shot. Visitors don’t wanna click on content and on first glance they don’t seem to find what they are looking for. A website without meta description will not be spared a glance by visitors, you have to give them a pre-knowledge of what your content is all about( the hidden truth behind that is visitors don’t wanna waste their data clicking on a link they have no idea of what it is gonna reveal to them whether it is what they want or not).

Use of long-tailed keywords.

Assuming you have a content write-up centred around the main keyword, let say car. Having short keywords for your content like “the best car”, will mean you have a whole lot of competition to deal with. You’ve got to reduce the competition by writing longer keywords like, ” The Top 10 best car for 2019″. Look at that,  it is better. You can be able to cut off competition and drive up traffic to your website.

Don’t be too focused on Keyword Optimization.

Read this text:

Looking for the latest top best phones you can purchase for this season? Then you’ve got them packed in this article. The very top best phone you can purchase is the Honor 7X. Followed closely behind, is another top best phone, Samsung Galaxy S9. The following top best phone is……

When writing an article, it might be tempting to stuff the whole content with keywords but mind you you must be careful not to overdo it so your content doesn’t look too obvious, unnatural or even considered nonsense by visitors. Just consider the text above for a moment, you will notice the repeated usage of ‘top best phone’. This is quite not okay for an article if you want it to still retain it’s quality and value to visitors. When optimizing your content,  make sure to do a proper check and take a look at where the keywords of your article appear, do they seem forced? Do they really fit in? If your answer to these questions is negative,  then I will advise you delete and replace them with some other words to retain the naturalness of your content.

Good luck trying out these new SEO skills…………