Digital Signage to Increase Profits

Android digital signage trends seem to change every year and are usually reproduced from previous trends. As a result of this, they are not very difficult to predict.

In this blog post, we consider the overall development of some Android digital signage trends and speculate on what might come in the near future.

Data analysis, artificial intelligence personalized content, and interactivity are just a few of the many trends that have hit the digital signage market.

It is going to be more complex

From the prover’s side, the technologies used in the digital signage interaction will simply become far more complicated. As far as the viewers go, the technology would become convenient and simple to grasp in as less time as possible.  

This is not surprising as it is only extended from a pattern that is already quite visible. The faster people tend to understand things, the quicker they are to interact with that technology. Consider the use of voice and facial recognition in the digital signage market as an example. However, these technologies would not be of much use in case the viewers do not know how to immediately interact with it.  

However, in the Android digital signage market, such technologies are becoming very common. As a result of this, people are getting used to understanding new technologies on the first contact.  

Convenience is increasing

Nowadays, technology is capable of understanding and recognizing users based on previous actions. For instance, advertisements on the internet are displayed based on the cookies and history of a user.

Same is the case with the Android digital signage market, where convenience is becoming the prime priority of users.

Self-service and interactivity will increase

Self-service and interactivity are expected to become the standard expectation of users, in the future. This is because these have increased slowly in the overall digital signage market over the last decade.

Self-service has now reached a whole new level, be it android digital signage or digital kiosks that are used for information.

Since the interaction capabilities of smartphones are increasing, there may not be a need for staff members in restaurants/stores to provide guidance regarding products. Instead, Android smartphones could be used for self-service.

In general, digital displays may replace the need for humans. This may sound like the human-screens that we see in science-fiction movies. Still, it is bound to become a reality somewhere in the very near future.

Due to the price drop in LED displays in Android smartphones, one can only expect the digital signage market to grow. This is because apart from this price drop as a result of which almost everyone can afford a basic Android smartphone, the market is quite expansive.