Cyber range: Why it’s Important

Real hardware and software or an amalgamation of the real and virtual components constitute the cyber range. One cyber range can interoperate with other cyber range environments. If we consider the internet level, the range involves simulated traffic. Besides this, the network services such as web pages, browsers as well as emails which the customers need are replicated by it.

The tools, local network, system and applications of an organization are represented in an interactive manner through the use of cyber ranges. It also provides a simulated representation of all these components which are connected to a simulated internet setting. In order to get hands-on cyber skills, secure posture testing as well as a safer environment for the development of products, cyber range ensures a safe as well as the legal environment.

The cyber range can perform a number of functions because of which it is widely adopted. It can serve the following purposes:

  • In order to enhance the teamwork as well as the capabilities of the teams, it provides a simulated environment so that the teams can function together.
  • You can be assessed and learn new things based on your current performance.
  • If there are any new ideas, those can be tested so that the teams can work on it to resolving the complicated cyber issues.
  • You can expect real-time feedback from cyber range.
  • The on-the-job experience can also be simulated with it.

Though the cyber range constitutes virtual setups, the actual network is used as per the requirement. These can be one individual stand-alone ranges in a schoolhouse or organization or the ranges that can replicate the internet from anywhere around the world.

Owing to its versatile uses, the private, as well as public bodies, use cyber ranges internally. The classroom students and the online training and education providing institutes can also use it. In short, the cyber ranges has its extensive uses in government organizations, private corporations as well as Academia.

In order to enhance the individuals and the knowledge of the team as well as for enhancing their capabilities, professionals use cyber range. Such professionals can be from various groups such as cyber security, continuity of operations, information technology, incident handlers etc.

By using cyber range, the students can practically implement their knowledge to the simulated network settings which will help them strengthen their cyber skills and solve the cyber-related issues by operating in groups or teams. Thus preparing for the cyber credentialing examinations can become easy for them.

When the educations institutes make use of cyber ranges, it becomes possible for them to teach the students as well as assess their performance virtually. Similarly, in the case of organizations, cyber ranges play a major role in assessing cyber capability and testing new processes.  They can also use it to provide cyber training regarding the newer environments at the organizational and technical level. It also helps them enhance their personal capabilities and learn about the new protocols prior to their introduction to the organization.