5 Incomparable Advantages Of Having A USB Type C Cable

USB type c cables have transformed the way of data transferring and charging and have raised them to an altogether newer level of pace and precision. This small cable carries enormous power delivery capacity that makes it much more advantageous than all the other USB standards and norms. However, the only way to take advantage of the benefits by a USB C cable is by buying it from legit vendors that sell original products, not the duplicated ones.

5 Unparalleled Benefits Of USB Type C Data Cables

USB type c data cable is the next new thing that is an improvement over the older USB 2, USB 3, and even the USB 3.1 data versions. The 5 advantages of having a USB type C cable are given below.

  1. One Size Fits All – The USB type C cable can be used for all devices with thin as well as thick USB ports. The smartphones and tablets with slick and thin charging ports are the best examples of how USB type c cables support all.
  2. Small and Reversible – The USB Type C connector is actually very small and the cable is reversible too. Which is why it actually fits all sizes in the first hand. Besides, it can also support Apple devices like the MacBook Pro that are otherwise incompatible with chargers and cables by any other company. All in all, this single cable can save a lot of money.
  3. Supports a Speedy Charging – USB type C cable has a magnificent data transfer speed of 10GBps that’s twice the data transfer speed of USB type 3 cable which is 5GBps. Thus, it is the best means to transfer big files within a few seconds without lagging.
  4. Delivers Unbelievably High Power – The power transmission of USB type C cable is 100 watt that is way higher than that by USB 2 cable that delivers 2.5-watt power and USB 3 cable that delivers 4.5-watt power. Undoubtedly, this cable is the best option for multiple audio and video file transfers and charging at the same time.
  5. It Is Backward Compatible – This feature of the USB type C cable lets it support the USB 3.1 ports and other USB ports like the type A and type B. Which is why this cable is also called as a universal cable. However, the one consideration is that the data transfer speed of USB type C cable for older USB ports isn’t the same like that with the USB type C ports. Nonetheless, it is still exceptionally higher than that by the older ports.